About Us

Inspired by a rich heritage of leather craftsmanship, Leatheq introduces a modern twist to classic leather tradition. In a world dominated by a desire to cut corners and do things quickly, we take our time. We believe that quality leather products begin with the proper nurturing of livestock followed by handcrafted precision. All of our leather products are made-to-order and pride ourselves in only working with the highest quality materials. Serving from Calgary, near Banff mountains of Canada, we proudly partner with creators, artisans and crafters from the US to Mexico to China who share our vision and meet our standards of craftsmanship, excellence and ethical values. Selling exclusively online and working with these big exporters of quality leather enable us to provide our customers genuine and quality leather products at affordable prices. 

Before we started this e-store from Alberta, Canada, we were disappointed with the number of fake products being sold to customers and the ridiculously priced leather goods, which neither reflected the craftsmanship nor the quality. Hence at Leatheq, we make sure all our leather goods are made with selected first layer genuine cow leather, we never make bags with second layer leather, fake leather or any other poor quality leather.

Nothing is as classy and royal as a real leather bag handcrafted by a passionate artisan. When art meets utility, that's a marvel. That's what we believe at Leatheq. True leather for true leather lovers. Hence, the Goodness of Real Leather is our motto. 

Leatheq is a true leather goods brand born with a love for nature and dedicated to a simple but classy way of living. We believe in preserving the lost art of handmade goods. That’s why we aim to provide our customers with leather products that exceed their expectations...And we love the sweet smell of real leather.  


Welcome to Leatheq family!