You asked, we answered!

Are your leather products genuine?
Absolutely! At Leatheq, we stand by the authenticity of our products. We use only top-tier, full-grain, or top-grain genuine cow leather. No second layer or fake stuff here. Just real, high-quality leather that reflects true craftsmanship.

Are your bags eco-friendly?
You bet they are! Our bags are totally eco-friendly, crafted through 'Vegetable Tanning'. This method is not only traditional but also great for the environment. Plus, it gives our bags those rich, natural colors you love.

Is it safe to put my credit card number into this website?
Your security is our top priority! We don’t store any of your credit card info – that’s all handled by Stripe, one of the most secure payment processors out there. We’ve had a flawless record with online security, and we intend to keep it that way.

Which credit cards do you accept? We've got you covered! You can use any of the big ones: VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover.

Do you accept PayPal payments? Yes, we do! PayPal is another option for secure and convenient payment.

How can I tell if a bag will fit my laptop or other specific items? 
Just grab the dimensions of your laptop and compare them with the bag's size listed on our site. This way, you'll know for sure if it's a perfect fit.

Why does my bag's shade look different from the pictures online?
Coming from a different animal, each hide is unique. Leather's natural color variation, influenced by factors like animal's age, diet, environmental conditions, and genetics, can make your bag's shade appear different from online pictures. Lighting and screens also play a role. We aim for accuracy but celebrate leather's uniqueness. What you're seeing is the real deal – 100% real leather with its own unique personality.

I noticed some scratches on my bag. Is that normal?
Absolutely. Those scratches are actually a mark of high-quality, full-grain leather. They could be from healed scrapes, insect bites, or just natural irregularities. These aren't flaws; they're proof of the leather's authenticity and our bags' handcrafted nature.

My bag has a 'leathery' smell.
That’s the scent of authenticity! Only real leather has that distinct leathery smell. Don't worry, it'll fade over time as you use the bag. It's just another sign that you've got a genuine leather product.

What is the story behind Leatheq?
Leatheq started from a passion for genuine, high-quality leather products. We were tired of seeing fakes and overpriced items that didn’t reflect true craftsmanship. So, we decided to change that and offer something real and wonderful. Read more about us here. 

How should I care for my leather bag to ensure its longevity? 
Regular cleaning with a soft cloth and some leather conditioner every few months does wonders. It's all about keeping the leather healthy and happy. We have some tips for you here!

What should I do if my leather bag gets wet or stained? 
No stress! Gently wipe off the excess moisture and let it air dry naturally. For stains, a gentle leather cleaner is your go-to solution. Keep it simple and gentle – your bag will thank you. 

Where and how are your leather products made?
At Leatheq, our commitment to quality and affordability takes us around the globe. We source our leather from leading leather-producing countries, ensuring we bring you the best quality at great prices. While we're proudly based in Calgary, Canada, our quest for exceptional craftsmanship and ethical practices leads us to collaborate with skilled artisans from the US, Mexico, India, and China. Each of these places have unique leatherwork culture and brings something special to the table, uniting under our vision of delivering high-quality, ethically made leather products to you.

How can you sell such high-quality leather products at such low prices?
We skip the middlemen and sell directly to you online. Our business grew better when we began online-only store. Plus, we don’t need big, flashy marketing campaigns. Our secret sauce? Our amazing customers! They love our products so much, they spread the word and bring in more awesome folks like you. That’s how we keep our prices so friendly without compromising on quality. It's a win-win for everyone!

Shipping and Delivery Info

How can I track my order?
Once your order has been shipped, we will email you the tracking number. You will also receive delivery notifications via email in a timely manner, ensuring you are always informed of your order's whereabouts. Easy peasy!

What happens if my order is lost or damaged during shipping?
If something goes wrong and your order gets lost or damaged, don't worry. We'll either resend your order or give you a full refund. We got your back. 

Do you ship internationally, and what are the costs?
We do ship internationally! Shipping times and costs vary, so check out our shipping info for the details. Most orders are delivered within 1-2 weeks.

What are your shipping/delivery times? 
We're pretty quick around here. Your order gets processed and shipped within four business days, not counting weekends and holidays. Most of our orders land at their new homes in 1-2 weeks. But hey, sometimes for international orders, it might take an extra week – just a heads-up! You will always receive delivery notifications via email in a timely manner.

Why the tracking status of my order hasn't changed yet?
If your tracking status hasn’t budged in a few days, don't worry. Sometimes, when our quality shippers like DHL are moving your order between countries the tracking might not update right away. Rest assured, your order should be with you within the listed delivery period.

Why my order hasn't arrived yet?
If it's still within the 1-2 week delivery window, hang tight. Check your order confirmation and the last tracking update. Still nothing? Let us know what you ordered and your order number, and we’ll sort it out. Don’t stress, we’ve got a solid track record of getting orders to their destinations.

I am wondering why my order isn't shipped immediately?
We take our time to make sure everything's perfect since we're all about handcrafted goods. All products are handmade. Sometimes, it might take a day or two to get your order ready, which is why there could be a slight delay. We're all about quality and safety first!

Returns/Exchange Info

I have got an issue with my product? 
No worries, if something's not quite right with your order, maybe it's not what you expected or it's got a defect, don't sweat it. You've got 30 days from when you receive it to send it back for a refund or exchange. And hey, if it's a Christmas gift, we've got a special extended return period just for the holiday season. Please read our warranty policy here.

I have had a change of heart? 
No problem! That happens to all of us. Even if there's no defect or description issue, you can still return your order within the return window. Just a heads up, we'll refund you the cost minus the shipping charges since we've already covered those to get the order to you.

I don't want to pay the Customs Duties/Taxes?
We understand that international parcels can sometimes come with unexpected duties or taxes. Unfortunately, we don't have control over these fees and they can vary by country. For instance, the USA typically doesn't charge any custom duties, but it's best to check your country's import duties before ordering. If these extra charges are a concern and you decide to return your order, no worries at all. We'll process your refund, just minus the shipping costs since we've already taken care of those for you.

Can I return customized Items?
No, sorry – customized products are unique to you, so they're not eligible for a refund or exchange. They're made just for you, after all!

Do you offer discounts for bulk purchases?
Yes we do. Please send us an email at support@leatheq.com

I need to return something. Tell me how?
Easy-peasy! Just drop us a line at support@leatheq.com with your order number and email address. Once we give your return the thumbs up, you'll receive a confirmation email with all the shipping instructions and details.

How long it takes to get a refund?
As soon as we get your return and give it a once-over, we'll shoot you an email to let you know it's all good. If approved, your refund will zip its way back to your original payment method. Usually it takes 10 business days in all that sending-and-receiving. 

I hope this gives you a better idea of what we're all about at Leatheq. Any more questions, just shoot – we're here to help!